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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I compare life insurance quotes in South Africa?

With, you can compare Life Insurance quotes from a range of life insurance companies in South Africa to help you find the right Life Cover policy to suit your needs. Compare quotes and get covered today. Have any additional questions about Life Insurance?

Do you have life insurance in South Africa?

Statistics show that more than 30% of South Africans don’t have a Life Insurance policy. Have you considered how your loved ones would maintain or indeed improve their lifestyle should the worst happen and you are not there to help pay for their education, living expenses and much more.

How do I get a quote for life cover?

Simply choose the cover you need; from pure life, life and disability, critical illness, income protection, and impairment cover options; to get a quote for affordable life cover to financially protect you and your family from life-changing events. Please answer a few questions to get a quote.

Why buy life insurance online?

Get an online life insurance quote to safeguard you and your family from the financial uncertainty that comes with serious illness, disability or death. check Secure a lump sum payout for your loved ones and ensure their financial security in the event of your passing. check Structure benefits to suit your needs.

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