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Frequently Asked Questions

Is life insurance the same as health insurance?

Life insurance is a mortality insurance product and health insurance is a morbidity insurance product. Life insurance is not the same as health insurance. Life insurance and annuities are insurance mortality products. Health insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance are morbidity insurance products.

What are the uses of life insurance?

Some of the uses for life insurance benefits may include: Paying final costs: notes that life insurance policy benefits can be used to pay final expenses, including funeral or cremation costs, medical bills not covered by health insurance, estate administration fees or other unpaid obligations.

Is life insurance personal lines insurance?

Personal lines insurance is insurance that is offered to individuals and families rather than organizations and businesses. The most common types of personal line insurance are property and casualty insurance, which includes automobile, homeowner and renters insurance.

What is life insurance with State Farm?

State Farm also offers universal life insurance policies, which offer the benefits of whole life’s long-term coverage with the flexibility of changing premiums and coverage amounts. Universal life accumulates cash value and can also be used as a part of your total financial planning package.

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