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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Lichfield become a city?

However, in the sixteenth century when Lichfield became a city the head of the Church of England, Henry VIII, introduced the concept of dioceses (a number of parishes supervised by a bishop) and city status was awarded to the six English towns which housed diocesan cathedrals, of which Lichfield was one.

Where is the postcode for Lichfield?

Lichfield is in the WS13 postcode district, which corresponds to the post town of Lichfield. What is the latitude and longitude of Lichfield? The centre of Lichfield is located at position 52.68308° latitude and -1.82729° longitude.

What was life like in Lichfield during the English Civil War?

The English Civil War skirmishes during 1642-1651 brought further hardships for Lichfield. The city was split between allegiances to King Charles I and his Royalists and the Parliamentarians or ‘Roundheads’, with the authorities on the side of the King and the townspeople in support of Parliament.

How many railway stations are there in Lichfield?

Lichfield is served by two railway stations, Lichfield City and Lichfield Trent Valley, both built by the London and North Western Railway. These stations are now on the Cross-City Line to Redditch via Birmingham.

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