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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lichfield?

The city of Lichfield is located 18 miles north of Birmingham, in the county of Staffordshire.

What was Lichfield like in the 18th century?

LICHFIELD IN THE 18th CENTURY In the early 18th century the population of Lichfield was about 3,000. By the standards of the time it was a fair sized town. In the 18th century, Lichfield was a sedate, genteel market town.

What is the history of Lichfield Cathedral?

A focal point in Lichfield throughout the ages, the Cathedral has had a tumultuous history. During the Reformation and Henry VIII’s break with the Church in Rome, the act of worship changed dramatically.

What are the oldest buildings in Lichfield?

Bishop's Palace - Built in 1687, the palace was the residence of the Bishop of Lichfield until 1954; it is now used by the Cathedral School. Dr Milley's Hospital - Located on Beacon Street, it dates back to 1504 and was a women's hospital.

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