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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best TV for 70-75-77 inches?

The best TV we have reviewed that's available in a 70-75-77 inch size is the LG OLED77C8. The OLED panel delivers a remarkable viewing experience, with perfect blacks and wide viewing angles. It has an excellent wide color gamut and outstanding gradients with almost no noticeable banding.

What is the best LG TV?

The 3 Best LG TVs of 2021 Reviews and Smart Features 1 Updates 2 Best LG Smart TVs. The LG C1 OLED is the best LG TV we've tested with an OLED panel. ... 3 Compared to other brands. The best LG TVs are OLED, and they remain the biggest player in this market (see our article: LED vs OLED ). 4 Recent Updates. ... 5 Conclusion. ... 6 Test results

Is the LG 70um 7370 worth it?

This LG 70UM 7370 is a Great value for the price. My only regret is it's on sale now, Nov/2019 for $100 less than I paid. If you have bigger budget up to $1000 or more there are numerous great TV's on sale right now, even the LG SM8600.

Is the LG 77 inch a good TV?

It's an excellent all-around TV, and although we tested the 55 inch version, we expect our results to be valid for the 77 inch model. It has the newest version of LG's WebOS, which is user-friendly and comes with the Magic Remote, which you can use as a point-and-press remote.

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