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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a letter of authority?

In the case of a legal representative, a letter of authority setting out the nature, terms and duration (where relevant) of the legal representative’s authority which is signed by the legal representative and their client (the applicant). set out the scope of the authority to act as the applicant's agent; and

What size paper do I need for a letter of authority?

Letter of Authority for Dealer/Agent to sign on behalf of organisations Forms must be printed on white A4 size paper. *While this department has taken every possible precaution with the creation of these files they are downloaded and used at your own risk.

What is an authorization to act on behalf letter?

An authorization to act on behalf letter is required when there’s a need to perform actions on behalf of someone. Usually, this individual is either not present, incapacitated, or simply on vacation.

What documents establish an agent's authority?

Documents that will establish an agent's authority may include 6: a will or court order appointing the agent to act as the applicant’s guardian the client agreement authorising a legal practitioner to act for an applicant This not an exhaustive list and other documents can establish an agent’s authority.

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