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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different sections of the Les?

The sections of your LES will be separated individually and accessed by tabs labeled: 1 Summary (block 21 on printed statements) 2 General (blocks 1-20, 22) 3 Earnings (current and retroactive if there are any) 4 Deductions. 5 Leave. 6 Benefits. 7 Remarks.

What does Les stand for?

Lower East Side (Manhattan) LES. Large Eddy Simulation. LES. Leave and Earnings Statement. LES. Licensing Executives Society (USA & Canada)

What are Les' rates?

LES’ overall rates are the 14th lowest in the country, according to the nationwide study of 100 cities and their rates Jan. 1, 2020. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR RATES $2.74/day The average amount LES customers paid in 2019 to power everything in their home (from desk lamps to refrigerators, curling irons to laptops and everything in between).

How long has Les been in business?

For 55 years, we at LES have been proud to power the many homes, businesses and governmental properties throughout Lincoln and the surrounding area. A greener today for a cleaner tomorrow. Save time and effort with our convenient payment options.

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