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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a Lennar warranty claim?

Before submitting a Lennar service request, take multiple pictures and at least one video of every defect you notice. This allows you to keep ‘evidence’ of each item and have multiple types of media for each warranty claim you submit. While filming the video, state the current date and briefly describe the item.

How many construction defects have there been in my Lennar home?

With more than 80 construction defects in my home, here is a step-by-step guide with tools to organize all the Lennar service requests and warranty claims you’ll inevitably file with the builder. Since I closed on a new construction Lennar home in 2013, filing and fighting Lennar warranty service requests have become a second job for me.

Who is the builder of the Lennar house in Florida?

The house was built by Lennar Homes Florida (formerly WCI Communities). You’ll find communications, meeting documentation as well as other items related to the more than 80 ongoing Lennar construction issues. Learn about the Lennar Homes executives that continue to play a major role in this.

How do I get call log and SMS backup from listlennar?

Lennar has a tendency to conveniently ‘forget’ or start ignoring customers, so this will arm you with the information you need. For call log and SMS backup, I use an application on my Android phone call SMS Backup +.

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