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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reduce swelling during pregnancy?

How to Reduce Swelling During Pregnancy 1. Get plenty of protein, adequate salt and other essential nutrients 2. Drink nettle and dandelion tea 3. Eat foods high in potassium 4. Decrease your caffeine intake 5. Elevate your feet 6. Lie on your left side 7. Exercise for 30 minutes a day 8. Take Epsom salt foot soak baths

Why are my feet so swollen during pregnancy?

The additional weight and hormones you experience during pregnancy can cause swelling and structural changes in your feet. Of all the body parts you expect to get bigger during pregnancy, feet might not be at the top of your list. But most pregnant women experience swelling in their lower legs and feet.

Is swimming good for swollen ankles during pregnancy?

Although little research exists on the benefits of water pressure on swollen ankles, it’s believed that walking or standing in the pool compresses leg tissues. It should provide at least temporary relief from pregnancy swelling. 6. Stay hydrated

How do you get rid of swollen feet fast?

Gentle massage strokes toward your heart are another way to soothe your feet and move fluid away from them. A cool Epsom salts soak can ease pain that can come from the swelling. Try this yoga pose. Place your raised legs against a wall as you lie on your back, or your left side.

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