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Frequently Asked Questions

Does an addendum supersede a rental agreement?

Does an addendum supersede a rental agreement? If they addendum adequately identifies the lease, is properly signed/executed and doesn't modify the lease agreement in an illegal fashion (creating a clause that is not legally enforceable), then the addendum will supersede any conflicting portion of the lease.

Does a lease rental agreement addendum need to?

After the term expires, the landlord can require tenants to sign any addenda before a rental agreement is valid. If an addendum is created after a lease term has begun, it can only go into effect if both parties are in acceptance. Addenda are extremely useful in protecting landlords. They mitigate specific risks that a general lease may not cover.

Can a landlord present an addendum to the lease?

Your landlord can change the lease agreement under two conditions. 1) Both the tenant and the landlord agree on the changes and sign an addendum. Or 2) The changes are made at the end of the lease before the lease is renewed. Landlords make changes to their lease agreements all the time.

What is an addendum to the lease?

A lease addendum is an added agreement to an existing lease. It is usually agreed upon at the signing of the lease and is a part of the legally binding agreement. Common items found in a lease addendum include pet clauses, maintenance rules, facility use such as swimming pools and pest control.

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