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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the learninglogics LMS?

The Learninglogics ® LMS is a powerful and flexible management system that is ideally suited to the training needs of a wide range of organizations. It is easy to use and can be customized to manage and control any size and type of learning environment.

What can learninglogic do for You?

At LearningLogic, we work with you to understand how your business works and identify improvements in efficiency and savings in costs that can be made through an intelligently designed product for you and your staff and customers.

What is learninglogics™ training document manager?

The Learninglogics™ Training Document Manager (TDM) is used by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create schemas and document templates such as: Qualification Standards and Plans (QSPs) or Qualification Standards (QSs) and Training Plans (TPs) to support competency and skills documentation.

What is the difference between Bluedrop and learninglogics®?

Bluedrop’s LCMS architecture, based on reusable “learning objects”, makes it easy for trainers to assemble, reuse and update content. Learninglogics® automates the process of content creation by providing trainers with templates based on sound instructional design principles and allows for linking of content for reuse.

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