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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LCAT system?

Background 2.1. Standardized Labor Categories (LCATs) An important innovation in Government contracting through GSA’s OASIS contracts is the standardization of contract labor categories (LCATs) against the OMB’s SOC system. The SOC system includes over 800 detailed occupations covering all jobs in the economy.

What is an hcats contract?

The HCaTS Contracts provide federal agencies with a reliable, flexible, fast, and efficient way to obtain best value solutions for complex human capital and training services.

How many lcats are there in Oasis SB contracts?

Applying the four E&Q levels to each of the 26 LCATs, OASIS/OASIS SB contracts include 104 (26*4) LCATS. Attachment 1 to the guide discusses several traditional labor categories and where they are associated in the SOC system.

How many organizations work according to the cats standard?

Over 500 organizations and thousands of professionals have worked or are working according to this standard. CATS stands for Contract Administration and Tracking Scenarios. It helps organizations to manage collaborations in a way that multi-year plans get the necessary agility. It also empowers people to become winners in contract management!

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