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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lcats stand for?

The Licking County Area Transportation Study (LCATS) is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Newark, Ohio urbanized area and conducts a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive multi-modal urban transportation planning process.

What are the oasis lcats?

Primary versus Ancillary Occupations The OASIS contracts include 127 professional occupations from the SOC system and these 127 are allocated among 26 specific OASIS LCATs. These occupations are considered those most likely to perform the professional service requirements under OASIS.

What is three cats?

Three Cats serves American-style cuisine in the form of small plates. Chef Matt Prentice brings his magical menus and delightful dishes to life in this modern and engaging space. The space includes a greeting card shop as well as Michigan and Detroit merchandise. Mary Liz Curtin and Matt Prentice are two of the three cats in Three Cats.

How many lcats are there in Oasis SB contracts?

Applying the four E&Q levels to each of the 26 LCATs, OASIS/OASIS SB contracts include 104 (26*4) LCATS. Attachment 1 to the guide discusses several traditional labor categories and where they are associated in the SOC system.

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