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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms do I need to submit my 510 (k) application?

The first two sections of your 510 (k) submission consist entirely of FDA forms for you to complete. Section 1.0 is the Medical Device User Fee Cover Sheet (FDA Form 3601) and Section 2.0 is the CDRH Premarket Review Submission Cover Sheet (FDA Form 3514).

How long is the FDA 510(k) submission?

As we mentioned before, the average 510 (k) submission is 1,200 pages long! These days FDA reviewers spend about twice as much time reviewing each submission as they did 15 years ago, and much of that increased scrutiny is directed at specific testing and clinical results found in sections 14-20.

Is the 510 (k) form written in a foreign language?

There are guidance documents and checklist and articles galore, but at times it feels like it’s written in a foreign language. And you likely already know up to 69% of 510 (k) submissions are rejected their first time.

What is a 510 (k) substantial equivalence discussion?

It sets the stage for Section 12.0 – Substantial Equivalence Discussion. The basis for the 510 (k) submission is to show that your new device is safe and effective, because it’s a lot like another device that’s already been reviewed and cleared by FDA.

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