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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Launchpad Pro?

Tailor Launchpad Pro to your setup, then take control of MIDI-compatible hardware and software — with or without a computer. Use Custom Modes to send MIDI commands to software and hardware simultaneously. Hook Launchpad Pro up to an all-hardware rig using MIDI In, Out and Out 2/Thru ports on 3.5mm connectors.

What's new In Novation for the Launchpad Pro?

Fixes an issue that could cause a crash when multiple Novation devices were connected to the same system and then disconnected. For details please download the Launchpad Pro Scale Mode User Guide. Added Scale Mode to Standalone Note mode (Hold SHIFT + SCALE to enter). Added Scale Mode to Ableton Live Layout (Ableton 9.7 required).

What are the different types of launchpads?

Novation Launchpad range. The Launchpad and Launchpad Pro offer a host of possibilities for tactile control, so you can stay in the music-making flow without using your mouse. Launchpad. The Launchpad offers an 8x8 grid RGB pads that let you launch clips, play drum racks and create melodies.

What is Launchpad arcade?

Novation Launchpad Arcade is an online player that lets your remix tracks right in the browser; on your iOS or Android device, Mac or PC.

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