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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Launchpad McQuack?

Launchpad McQuack is a pilot introduced in Disney 's 1987 - 90 television series DuckTales as Scrooge McDuck's pilot. He was later featured as Darkwing Duck 's sidekick in the crossover television series of the same name and appears as a main character in the 2017 DuckTales reboot series.

What does Launchpad McQuack say in the Golden Fleecing?

Images of Launchpad McQuack from DuckTales and Darkwing Duck . "I'll have a burger and fries." "Now that's what I call using my head." Launchpad with Ludwig Von Drake in The Golden Fleecing. Launchpad dressed as Darkwing Duck. Launchpad, Drake, Gosalyn and Honker with the Common Cold (literally) "Let's get dangerous!"

Why did Launchpad run away from his family?

During the episode " Top Duck ", Launchpad revealed that his family was a group of stunt performers called The Flying McQuacks, but Launchpad always felt he disappointed his family, and as such, he ran away to pursue his dream of being the best pilot in the world.

What is Launchpad's accent in DuckTales?

She makes her first appearance in DuckTales when the The Flying McQuacks are coming to Duckburg for an air show, where Launchpad is flying an experimental jet. She speaks in a stereotypical California valley girl accent, most of her sentences begin with the word "Like..."

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