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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there server sided scripts in launcher leaks?

The evolution of vMenu servers is here! Launcher Leaks is proud to announce a new... This does include server sided scripts as well. This is a new dump with mostly everything in... Straya Skids Freeroam Discord Server template. Permissions are setup and ready... Ghoul 4x4! I love this 4x4 it has such a beautiful design on it and was made properly.

What is customframework?

CustomFramework is a vMenu server that uses elements and features of an QBUS/ESX server into a vMenu server without actually having to do all that setup, we include a complete setup guide so you can easily setup the server and get your community started!

How do I apply corrective actions to the Windows app launcher?

To apply corrective actions to the Windows app a config.json file must be created, and supplied with information about the Windows app launcher that is failing. If there are multiple Windows app launchers that are experiencing issues, the config.json file can be updated with multiple entries.

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