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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import Mame ROMs into LaunchBox?

Previously we would have to install MAME manually, link it up to our LaunchBox application and then attach our games. When you first run LaunchBox it will recognise that you have no games loaded so will offer you a few choices. We want to import a full MAME ROM set so we can select that option to start the wizard.

How do I get RetroArch to work with LaunchBox?

You don't need to do anything special in Retroarch but you do need to have your setup in Launchbox done correctly with the emulator and associated platforms and command line parameters More sharing options...

Should I use LaunchBox instead of Mame?

You're always best off using the latest version of stand alone MAME. Especially if you are using a front-end like LaunchBox. Then RA is doing nothing for you but disabling or breaking certain features of MAME, particularly around input recognition. Using MAME through Launchbox also allows you to play the online High Score challenges for each game.

How do I use Mame cores in RetroArch?

Set your emulator to Retroarch with the command parameter to use the mame core dll. I downloaded all the MAME cores in Retroarch and entered all of the dll names into edit, but they still didn't work for some reason. They would either open and crash or just not open at all.

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