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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the official languages of Taiwan?

The official language in Taiwan is Mandarin. The majority of the people in Taiwan speak Mandarin, it is also the most dominant language in education, businesses and media. The largest group of regional language in Taiwan is Taiwanese Min Nan.

What languages do they speak in Taiwan?

The main language spoken in modern Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, with Taiwanese and Hakka following behind. Mandarin is regarded as the official modern state language for the Holo ethnic majority in Taiwan, who constitute 80 % of the current population.

Is Taiwan language same as Mandarin?

Taiwan's official language is the same as mainland China's, which is Mandarin Chinese. Some of those native to Taiwan speak Taiwanese. Chinese and Taiwanese are similar in that they both use Chinese characters, but in Taiwan the old characters are still in use, whereas a simplified version is used on the mainland.

What is the biggest language used in Taiwan?

Chinese in Taiwan Officially the largest and most commonly understood language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese. Following the formation of the Republic of China (as Taiwan is officially recognised) in 1945 this form of 'standard Chinese' became the first language of the island.

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