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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lake San Antonio Reservoir?

Lake San Antonio Reservoir was formed in 1967, when the Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, under the oversight of District Engineer Loran Bunte, Jr., completed construction of a 202-foot-tall, earth-filled embankment dam across the San Antonio River.

Who owns Lake San Antonio?

Today, the reservoir and dam are controlled by the Monterey County Water Resources Agency, and the Monterey County Department of Public Works, Facilities, & Parks operates the Lake San Antonio Recreation Area.

Where can I find the lake water level in Monterey County?

One of the best sources for finding the lake water level is the Monterey County Water Resource Agency’s Dam and Reservoir Data sheet, listed below. If the below Data sheet does not display properly, please refresh the page. If it still does not display properly, you can view it from the Monterey Website here:

What is the minimum lake level for recreation?

If the tunnel is built, utilize transferred water from Nacimiento, being stored in San Antonio, prior to releasing water from Nacimiento. People around the lake feel that the minimum lake level for good useable recreation is 780 feet msl, below 760 ft-msl many ramps are not useable and areas of the lake become too narrow for boats to pass

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