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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ladurée?

Ladurée is a world-renowned French luxury patisserie, founded in Paris in 1862. The acclaimed house rose into fame with their exquisite selection of viennoiseries and pastries – most notably, however, for their creation of the macaron.

How many Ladurée stores are there?

Apart from ten stores in Paris, one in Versailles and another three locations at Charles de Gaulle, Ladurée operates stores in the following cities, as of April 2017: Ladurée formerly owned a location in Gangnam District of Seoul from 2012 to November 2017. ^ " Legal notices ."

Can I order a Ladurée meal and have it delivered?

Order our famous boxes of Macarons and we will deliver you nationwide. You can now order a Ladurée meal and be delivered at home. Enjoy delicious mets without leaving your house. At over 2150 square feet, which opens onto a 2530 square foot tree-shaded garden, Ladurée Soho consists not only of a lovely boutique, but also a tea salon and restaurant.

When did Ladurée open in Paris?

The International development of Ladurée started in 2005 with London, England.In 1997, two shops open in Paris, the first on the Champs-Elysées Avenue decorated by jacques Garcia, and the second in the Bonaparte street decorated by Roxane Rodriguez.

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