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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lacoste still made in Peru?

Peru is okay but China is not - Lacoste manufacturers are in France, El Salvador and Peru. Many things have changed over the months––they make all colors of Croc logos now, some with no red mouth.

Is my Lacoste discount valid at other stores?

Not valid at Lacoste Outlets or Airport Shops. Not valid at 3rd party retailers. Some exclusions apply, including but not limited to: New Arrivals, select polos (see product pages) and select in-stock items. Discount not valid on previous purchases.

How do I return a Lacoste product?

A return label is provided with your package and can be used if you want to return a product. To return a product, please complete the Returns Form specifying the reasons for the return and using the Return Label supplied. You have 30 days from receipt of your order to return a product purchased from

How can you tell if a Lacoste shirt is real?

Real Lacoste polos have mother of pearl buttons instead of plastic ones. Plastic buttons feel softer and warmer but with hard edges. They’ll also lack the dip in the center that real Lacoste buttons have. If you still aren’t sure, try tapping the buttons against your teeth or biting down on them.

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