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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lacoste make a long sleeve polo shirt?

Choose from a range of fits and sleeve lengths to suit your style – classic, slim, regular, long-sleeve or our iconic L.12.12 Polo Shirt. Lacoste men’s polo shirts deliver all the classic features: a traditional polo collar, button up neck, and the signature Lacoste croc.

What is Lacoste l001?

With one foot in tradition and the other in modernity, the L001 is dressed in timeless details from the Lacoste archives. A style that comes in eight original colors. Which one is yours? New technical tennis and golf collections, sports news and match souvenirs: discover the space dedicated to all sport enthusiasts. Want something new?

What are the exclusions of the Lacoste offer?

Some exclusions apply, including but not limited to: New Arrivals, select polos (see product pages) and select in-stock items. Discount not valid on previous purchases. Discount not valid on purchases made by Lacoste employees or family members. Offer is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Free ground shipping on all orders.

What does the Lacoste and National Geographic collaboration mean?

The exclusive Lacoste and National Geographic collaboration celebrates the beauty of the natural world with prints inspired by the striking colors and patterns of four incredible species. With its alluring contrast of dark spots on bright beige, the jaguar's iconic coat sets it apart from all other felines.

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