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Frequently Asked Questions

Which does Cologne attract most women?

Created by Alberto Morillas and Annick Menardo, the Acqua Di Gio cologne is consistently rated as one of the best colognes to attract females. Available in smoky glass bottles and topped off with a silver cap, the Acqua Di Gio is an intense men's cologne that ensures the wearer remains fresh and warm all day.

What does Cologne attract women?

For men looking to signal their intent for a lady, using cologne is a good suggestion. Using only the best colognes to attract females is an excellent form of social value, especially on a new acquaintance. Scent appeals to various pleasure organs in the brain and people will often associate this feeling to the wearer.

What is the best perfume for ladies?

Burberry Classic (Burberry) With notes of green apple, jasmine, peach, currant, cedar, vanilla and sandalwood, this most popular perfume for women emits a fresh and clean scent that evokes feelings of calm.

Do girls like Cologne?

Yes, girls like cologne. WHICH cologne can be very tricky, because fragrances are VERY personal & subjective. If you’re in school and want to impress the girls with your smell, do the following: First, if you own Axe body spray, get rid of it. Second, use unscented Mitchum Gel anti-perspirant/deodorant.

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