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Frequently Asked Questions

What does KRAS stand for?

KRAS stands for Kirsten rat sarcoma viral. It is a type of protein which is encoded as the KRAS gene. There are several types of protein in the RAS family. Any mutation comes from a whole lot of various mutations.

What is the difference between a Kra and a KPI?

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and KRA (Key Result Area) are determined by the mission, vision, and strategy (how the objectives of the organization will be achieved) of a company. The key difference between KPI and KRA is that KPI is a quantifiable metric used to evaluate the achievement of an objective whereas KRA is a strategic area where excellent performance is required in order to outperform competitors.

What does KRAS wild type mean?

KRAS gene. listen (KAY-ras jeen) A gene that makes a protein called KRAS, which is involved in cell signaling pathways that control cell growth, cell maturation, and cell death. The natural, unchanged form of the gene is called wild-type KRAS.

What is KRAS G12C?

KRAS G12C is a specific variation in the KRAS protein . Proteins are long chains of amino acids . The KRAS protein has 189 amino acids. KRAS with no mutation at amino acid position 12 has a glycine, or G for short. The amino acid at position 12 in KRAS with the G12C mutation is a cysteine, or C for short.

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