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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose smartklaus multiparking?

Klaus Multiparking is the only car parking solution provider that delivers delight at the customers’ doorstep, creating WOW - “Workshop On Wheels” - The Service Mobility 365x24x7 is a fully equipped service van along with a trained technician, tooling and spares, available on-ground at location PAN India will be happy to help.

When did the first Klaus parking system come out?

The first Klaus car parking systems entered the market in 1964. In 1972, the production is extended to three different series.

What is the history of Klaus?

Since 1907, when Klaus started a wheelright’s shop, intelligent technical solutions have been the cornerstone of the company. By the 1960s, Klaus had become a true pioneer in technical history. The Klaus-Bremsluft-Schnellkipper, an air brake quick tipper, was invented.

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