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Frequently Asked Questions

What are pellet stove inserts?

Pellet stove inserts are legless pellet stoves. Unlike free-standing models that sit on a pedestal or legs, a pellet stove insert is designed to fit inside a fireplace opening. Both pellet stoves and inserts also come in models that are suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, and mobile homes.

How do pellet inserts work?

When installing into a masonry or prefab fireplace, pellet inserts use a flexible liner system. Models that are installed into a framed opening must use rigid venting. Flex liners connect to the back of the stove and travel up the chimney, while rigid venting is routed through a cavity and through the roof.

What should I look for in a pellet fireplace insert?

When shopping for pellet fireplace inserts or pellet stove inserts in Massachusetts, a member of The Stove Center’s knowledgeable sales team can highlight various features and points to consider such as: Remote control access.  Control your insert’s temperature and settings with a touch of a remote control screen. Heat output.

What is a small pellet basket?

A Small Pellet Basket is a metal basket that sits inside a woodstove and burns wood pellets; eliminating the need for electric and natural gas. Pellet baskets are a lower-cost alternative to pellet stoves. Simply place the basket in your wood stove, fill it with wood pellets, light the pellets with gel fire starter. Add more pellets, when needed.

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