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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kit mutation?

mutation in the KIT gene that replaces the protein building block (amino acid) aspartic acid with the amino acid valine at position 816 in the protein (Asp816Val or D816V). This and other KIT gene mutations result in production of altered proteins that are constitutively activated. As a result, signaling pathways that promote the proliferation of

Is every organism ultimately a genetic mutation?

Mutations may take place at the gene level of chromosomal DNA. Expression of the mutation may not favor continued living of the organism. However, if the mutation benefits the organism to better cope in its environment it is likely to proliferate within the species. Mutations are facilitated by many factors and may occur in every living organism.

What is c - KIT mutation?

c-kit is a proto-oncogene that encodes a type iii transmembrane tyrosine kinase. c-kit and its ligand stem cell factor have a key role in survival, proliferation, differentiation, and functional activation of hematopoietic progenitor cells. c-kit mutations are reported in nearly all systemic mastocytosis, 20% to 40% core-binding factor (cbf) …

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