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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your water bottles safe for children?

Stainless steel water bottles for kids are water bottles that are durable, non-toxic, and just the right size for kids. These water bottles can also be used for flavored waters, electrolyte replacement drinks, iced teas, and any other cool drink. These stainless steel water bottles are safe, and they last a long time.

What type of water bottle should I buy?

“You can see from the results that the glass bottle is the best option,” Cohen, who worked on the new scorecard, said. So, raise a bottle of Voss or whatever your preferred brand of glass-bottled water is to your lips if you absolutely cannot drink tap water. But the most important question isn’t what you choose individually.

Are water bottles safe to reuse?

While you can reuse plastic water bottles safely for about 24 to 48 hours, here are some alternatives to try instead to minimize any negative effects on your health or the environment, according to Tufts University: To avoid excess bacteria, it's important to clean your reusable water bottle regularly (at least once a week).

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