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What are some examples of Keynesian economics?

Keynesian Economics Examples. Here are some examples of Keynesian economics: The creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the United States during the Great Depression is an example of ...

Why is the Keynesian theory the best?

Why is the Keynesian theory good? While Keynesian theory allows for increased government spending during recessionary times, it also calls for government restraint in a rapidly growing economy. This prevents the increase in demand that spurs inflation. It also forces the government to cut deficits and save for the next down cycle in the economy.

What is Keynes theory?

The theory was developed by John Maynard Keynes during the 1930s in an effort to understand the economy during the Great Depression. According to Keynesian theory, when spending by consumers and businesses are not sufficient to keep the economy growing, governments must increase their spending in order to stimulate market demand.

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