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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some useful keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel: 50 Cool Keyboard Shortcuts! Moving Between Cells. Find active cell = CTRL + Backspace ... ... Moving Around the Excel Worksheet. Repeat the last action = F4 ... ... Working With Data in Cells. Cancel action or selection = ESC ... ... Selecting (Highlighting) Cells. Select all cells = Ctrl + A ... ... Working with Excel Worksheets and Workbooks. Insert chart in worksheet = Alt + F1 ... ...

How do I enable keyboard shortcuts?

Enable Keyboard Shortcut. To enable a keyboard shortcut after you’ve disabled/unset it, open VLC’s preferences. Go to the Hotkeys tab and in the list of shortcuts, double-click the one you want to enable again. When the dialog box opens, type the shortcut you want to set.

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