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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make keyboard shortcuts?

Creating a Keyboard Shortcut Create a desktop shortcut for the command. A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keyboard keys you press to run a command or program. Right-click the desktop shortcut. Click Properties. The “Shortcut” tab of the Properties screen will appear. Click into the “Shortcut Key” box.

What are the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts?

Some of the most common keyboard shortcuts are the shortcuts used for cutting (Ctrl+X), pasting (Ctrl+V) and copying (Ctrl+C) contents or files from one place to another. Shortcut keys are commonly accessed by using the Alt key, Command key (in Apple computers), Ctrl key or the Shift key in conjunction with another key.

How do you add symbols to word?

Open Microsoft Word. Click on the Insert top menu option or the Insert tab. Select the Symbol option in the Insert menu or click the Symbol option on the Insert tab. Select the letter in the symbol list with the accent mark you want to use and click the Insert button.

How do you type a symbol on the keyboard?

Type mathematics symbols. Hold Alt and type the number below using the numeric pad on your keyboard to insert mathematics symbols. When you release the Alt key, the symbol will appear. NumLock needs to be enabled.

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