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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the keyboard view on my Samsung Galaxy?

Or, you can navigate to Settings, and then tap General management. Tap Samsung Keyboard settings, and then tap Mode. Standard keyboard: This is the normal keyboard view, with your phone's on-screen keyboard stretched to fill the main screen. One-handed keyboard: This mode shifts the keyboard to the right side of the screen.

What settings do I need to change on the Galaxy S10?

Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, or S10e: Key settings you need to change Show more notification icons and battery percentage Swipe down to open the notification panel Turn on finger sensor gestures (S10e only) Max out the screen resolution (S10 and S10 Plus only) Make Face Recognition a little more secure Always show the Always On Display

How do I use the keyboard on the Galaxy Fold?

Note: For the Galaxy Fold, keyboard modes are only available on the main screen. While you probably love your Galaxy phone, you may not be used to typing on it yet. That's OK, because there are 3 different keyboard modes you can use to make typing easier. Navigate to an app that uses the keyboard, and then open up the keyboard.

How do I Turn on voice typing on my Samsung keyboard?

From Settings, search for and select Samsung Keyboard. Tap Samsung Keyboard again, and then adjust your desired keyboard settings. You can also access this page by tapping the Settings icon in the keyboard's toolbar. There are two built-in voice-to-text apps on your phone: Samsung voice input and Google voice typing.

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