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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play games on iPad with keyboard and mouse?

Apple is bringing keyboard and mouse gaming to the iPad By Jon Silman June 22, 2020 Apple is adding pointer capture to iPad gaming, which means that users will be able to play complex video games on the device for the first time.

Where can I find games for iOS with keyboard support?

Explore games for iOS with Keyboard support on · Upload your games for iOS with Keyboard support to to have them show up here. New is now on YouTube! Who is in control? A massive open world RPG/dungeon crawler - capture & train monsters, play cards, collect over 1,400 unique loot!

Can you play Fortnite on iPad with mouse and keyboard?

While adding controller support helped, games like Fortnite on PC have ravenous followings and are played with a mouse and keyboard. Adding support for pointer capture means that Apple could potentially offer players the same experience on the iPad that they’re getting from a full PC or laptop rig.

What is Apple's Magic Keyboard for the iPad?

And there’s also Apple’s new peripheral, the Magic Keyboard for the iPad, which is bringing a full-size, backlit keyboard, and a trackpad, all in a case for the tablet. Orders for this new Magic Keyboard have already opened up, prompting much discussion on how it could benefit pro apps, from Office Suites, to creation apps such as Ferrite.

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