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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ketchum?

Welcome to Ketchum – a global communications consultancy built on an individualized scale. A trusted partner who is equal parts creative and analytical. Who is generous with our clients and selfish on their behalf. Who has rejected the limiting boundaries that divide and diminish. We are Ketchum.

Why choose keyketchum manufacturing?

Ketchum Manufacturing has been servicing the identification industry for 100 years. What began as a livestock identification company has expanded to become a company that can serve almost any business sector. From agriculture to seafood to retail stores, hotels and museums.

What is the mission of kindketchum?

Ketchum is on a journey to become a greater force for good through our advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more about how we are approaching this responsibility, through the thoughts and words of our employees. Technology: Superhero or Antihero?

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