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Frequently Asked Questions

Which state is better, Karnataka or Kerala?

That doesn’t mean Karnataka is bad. But comparatively Kerala is better than Karnataka in many aspects. (Kerala is considered as the best state in India which makes the answer most simple) Kerala is the most literate state in India which is a very huge advantage on the other hand, Karnataka is ranked 23rd on literacy !!

What is the history behind the name of Karnataka?

Karnataka's name may have originated from the two words Kabbu Nadu, which means land of sugarcane. This etymology might be possible as Karnataka is a huge sugarcane-cultivating land. But, this theory might not be very factual as sugarcane production boomed in South Karnataka only after the building of KRS Dam by Sir M. Vishweshwarayya.

Which is the biggest district in Karnataka?

Uttara Kannada is one of the biggest districts of Karnataka state. District Head Quarters is Karwar, which is known as Kashmir of Karnataka. Karwar is blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna.

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