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Frequently Asked Questions

Is karma a superstition?

Yes law of Karma has become superstition in the Indian society mainly among the Hindus. Most of the people do not know what is karma we have feeling that if we do bad Karma and good Karma it will be neutralizing it is not like that if we are putting salt then the thing will be salty and we're putting sugar then it will be sweet.

Is karma a law of nature?

Rather than reward or punishment, karma is natural law, a description of the natural movement inherent in reality. There is no moral blame or praise involved in the operation of a natural law....

Is Karma real or a myth?

Karma is real, and it affects not only your romantic relationships, but also your work relationships, family relationships, and friendships. Your relationships will flourish as a result of good karma, and your life will be harmonious and peaceful.

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