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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to Kaplan Schweser online access?

On the left hand side menu bar, click "Online Access." The first time you log in you will see the Terms & Conditions. Read the Terms & Conditions and click “I Agree.” You should now be in the Online Access home. Note: Kaplan Schweser’s registration system is case sensitive, so please capitalize letters where appropriate and eliminate spaces.

What is Kaplan Financial Education?

Kaplan Financial Education offers a variety of continuing and professional education options to help professionals across several licenses and designations.

How do I study for CFA level I?

With a wide range of print, online, and mobile study tools, and an assortment of exam-simulating prep for CFA Level I, you can seamlessly fit a study session into your daily routine. With an extensive global network of CFA charterholders and content experts, you’ll get the guidance you need to pass.

Is Kaplan a good learning provider?

Kaplan has among the highest recommendation ratings of any learning provider. Kaplan creates flexible programs for financial corporations featuring live, online, self-study, and blended learning options. Our comprehensive programs help candidates gain a competitive edge with education options for students and faculty.

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