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Frequently Asked Questions

What does k417n mean?

So when you say "K417N", that means that the lysine (K) that's normally at position 417 of the protein has been mutated to an asparagine (N). This information will make you a hit at parties, trust me, no matter how unappealing you may be otherwise.

What is the effect of the k417n mutation?

The K417N mutation had much more pronounced effect and in a combination with N501Y fully abolished the antibody effect. This may explain the observed in UK and South Africa more spread of the virus but also raise an important question about the possible human immune response and the success of already available vaccines.

How does k417n affect ACE2 receptor binding?

Based on studies of the Beta variant, which carries this same mutation, K417N can help the spike reach the fully “open” state, which likely increases its ability to infect. Increased ACE2 receptor binding and a more open state are traits of other highly transmissive and antibody resistant variants.

Does k417n reduce the effectiveness of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies?

Shahid Jameel, a top Indian virologist, said the K417N was known to reduce the effectiveness of a cocktail of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. WHERE ALL IT HAS BEEN FOUND?

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