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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the k1a2 project?

The K1A2 project provides upgrade kits for South Korean Army and Marines Corps K1 and K1A1 tanks. All K1A1 will be upgraded to K1A2 by 2022. K1 ARV: The K1 Armored Recovery Vehicle is based on the K1 tank. It has a crane, winch and dozer system built on the vehicle.

Where is the K1A1 made?

Rotem (part of the Hyundai group) has developed the K1 series of vehicles, which includes the K1A1 120mm main battle tank, the K1105 mm main battle tank, K1 ARV armoured recovery vehicle, and the K1 AVLB armoured vehicle launch bridge. The vehicles are built at Rotem’s automated production facility at ChangWon.

What kind of tank is the K1A1?

The K1 main battle tank has been in service with the Republic of Korea Army since 1986. The vehicles are built at Hyundai's automated production facility at Changwong. The K1A1 main battle tank is the new tank for the Republic of Korea Army. The main gun is a 105mm rifled high velocity cannon.

What is the difference between the K1 and K1A1?

The K1A1 basically retains the K1 MBT's outstanding maneuverability and technology oriented fire control system. The K1A1 features various enhanced functions compared to the existing K1 tanks, including a primary armament of double the penetration power.

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