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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sixth grade spelling word lists and activities?

Sixth Grade Spelling Word Lists and Activities provide extra practice for your students with 240 spelling words, using a wide range of activities. Go to the full description page where you can view samples and purchase your own copy immediately! Great for home school, remote learning and in-person classrooms.

Why are sixth grade spelling words so much more difficult?

You'll notice that our sixth grade spelling words look a lot more difficult than our fifth grade spelling words! Why is the difficulty level so much greater? 1. Students' vocabularies are increasing rapidly. 2. Sixth graders are using words with more and more prefixes and suffixes.

How do you prepare for 6th grade spelling bee words?

6th Grade Spelling Bee Words - Prepare your child for a spelling bee competition with this word list. Try using our dictation sentences for a fun way to practice sixth grade spelling words! Cryptogram Worksheet: Puzzle page for upper grades. Includes instructions so students, parents or teachers can make more cryptogram puzzles with any word list.

How can i Improve my spelling in 6th grade?

You can also make your own lists at Home Spelling Words. Create your family account today and track progress by taking tests online. 6th grade is a great time to use spelling to improve writing as many students are expected to produce more accurate journal entries and drafts for reports.

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