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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post a job on k12jobspot?

Four easy steps for posting a job on K12JobSpot. 1. Posting a Job on K12JobSpot. Navigate to the K12JobSpot home page. Click on "Learn more." Scroll down to find the "Learn more" button at the end of the "Looking for the top educators around the country?" sentence.

Does k12jobspot have a membership fee?

K12JobSpot does not list pricing on their website. However, on the registration page they state that after you register, their sales team will contact you regarding any membership fees. How do I create an account on K12JobSpot?

How do I contact K12 recruitment?

Any direct correspondence should only be sent to parties with an identified email address. K12 recruitment may contact you through third-party platforms (Social Media, Job Boards) and will willingly provide their K12 email address.

How much do K12 employees get paid?

If they get hired, you could receive up to $2,000 once they’re settled in at K12! K12 offers competitive salaries, a comprehensive benefits package, and much more. Health care, dental, and vision coverage begins on your first day through Cigna and VSP.

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