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Frequently Asked Questions

What is stride K12 curriculum?

The Stride K12 curriculum isn’t just for full-time students. You can purchase a course to supplement your child's education or homeschool lessons. They can learn a new language, catch up in math, or explore an interest. These affordable online courses are available for grades PreK–12.

What is the stride learning solution?

Stride™ is an adaptive learning solution for your children that quickly accelerates learning with engaging curriculum engineered to match the depth and rigor of higher learning .. standards. Questions?

What is the K12 SUMMIT curriculum?

The K12 Summit Curriculum will transform learning for students and teachers with rich and engaging course content, differentiated instruction paths, standards support, and robust data analytics and teacher support to inform instruction. We are pleased to offer this new series of courses that reimagine the online learning experience.

How can stride help my child?

Targeted video lessons and technology-enhanced skills practice rapidly bring struggling students to grade level. Your child will love to learn because in Stride, they work hard to earn coins to play exciting games.

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