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Frequently Asked Questions

Does K12 offer summer school?

K12 offers students a choice over the summer. Whether you want to use the summer months to catch up on your coursework or get ahead, K12 has condensed-length summer school courses available with multiple start dates for students in grades 9-12. Summer school courses are completed on a 20-day schedule, and 28 courses are available.

What is K 12 curriculum?

The adaptation of the K to 12 curriculum guide means that students will graduate a bit older compared to those who graduated under the 10-year education cycle. Far from being disadvantageous, however, DepEd states that young adults graduating at age 18 or so will be more prepared to take on their tertiary education.

Is discovery K12 accredited?

Accreditation: You understand that homeschooling is not accredited, and that using the curriculum you are independently homeschooling your child/children under the policies set by your state of residence, and should follow any policies/laws set by your state to homeschool. Discovery K12 Responsibilities

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