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Frequently Asked Questions

What information will the parent portal and student portal provide?

The Parent Portal and Student Portal will allow access to grades, attendance, etc. All student login information for high school and middle school students will be provided by the school. The current information portal users can access is from the 2020-21 school year.

What are the attendance policies for a K12 virtual academy?

School Attendance Policies If your student is enrolled in a K12 Virtual Academy or School Program, please check with your teacher regarding your school's attendance policies. Families are able to submit attendance only when school is officially in session.

Why can't I see the attendance feature in the online school?

The Attendance feature is only available in the Learning Coach account. Not having this feature in the Online School may be an indication that you are logged into the Student account or your school does not use this feature. Please check with your teacher regarding your school's attendance policies.

When can I submit attendance for my courses?

Many students are able to access their courses prior to the first day of school; however, you will not be able to submit attendance until school officially starts.

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