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Frequently Asked Questions

Is K12 a good school?

K12 is a trusted and popular online school, which provides quality education through a holistic curriculum and interactive environment. Online education can have many benefits, and since they follow state guidelines, your schooling provides you with all the opportunities any traditional school would provide.

Which is better, K12 or Connection Academy?

Even though both are promising and capable schooling services, it has been general user feedback that K12 has a much better and accepting environment than Connections Academy. A lot of users have reported dissatisfaction with their user-handling and conflict resolution experience while being enrolled or enrolling in Connections Academy.

How does k12 online school work?

How does K12 online public school work? K12 uses a combination of interactive software, teacher-led classes and self-directed lessons to deliver online learning that's accredited by the Department of Education. Some schools have blended learning centers that allow students to go to a physical classroom for online learning either full- or part-time.

How does K12 International Academy work?

• K12 International Academy works with the parent organization to enhance organizational collaboration in support of student achievement. K12 International Academy staff leverages opportunities for sharing, communication, and collaboration to develop a broader sense of the K12 community.

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