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Frequently Asked Questions

Is K12 a good school?

K12 is a trusted and popular online school, which provides quality education through a holistic curriculum and interactive environment. Online education can have many benefits, and since they follow state guidelines, your schooling provides you with all the opportunities any traditional school would provide.

Who is K12 and what do we do?

K12 is a vendor to your Virtual School. We support your school by providing curriculum, learning platform and various services that includes Customer Support. Customer Support agents are available 24/7 to assist the Learning Coach and students with issues related to course material orders, accessing and using the OLS and basic technical support.

What curriculum does K12 use?

Discovery K12 is a flexible program that allows parents to use all or parts of the curriculum with full control over the instruction. There are 180 days of complete, digital curriculum for pre-k to twelfth grade. STEM and The Arts are naturally integrated into the curriculum.

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