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Frequently Asked Questions

How to call arrow function in JavaScript?

greet ('Eric Cartman') is how you call an arrow function. There’s no difference between calling a regular function and an arrow function. Generally, the syntax of the arrow function is this: (param1, param2, ..., paramN) => { ... }

How to write arrow function?

using an arrow function. If the body has single statement or expression, you can write arrow function as: If a function doesn't take any argument, then you should use empty parentheses. For example, If a function has only one argument, you can omit the parentheses. For example, You can also dynamically create a function and use it as an expression.

What is the function of an arrow?

Arrow functions are one of the most used features of JavaScript and help the developers to achieve the same task with very minimal code. Arrow functions provide various different syntax for "no parameter", "one parameter" and "more than one parameter" usage.

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