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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jones?

Definition of jones (Entry 2 of 7) 1 slang : an avid desire or appetite for something : craving. 2 slang : habit, addiction especially : addiction to heroin. 3 slang : heroin.

What is the Jones design philosophy?

Learn about the Jones design philosphy. We make innovative, high performance and sustainable mountain gear that does more with less environmental impact. The redesigned Surf Series is a collection of snowboards and splitboards designed by world renowned surfboard shaper Chris Christenson.

Why do you need Jones bindings?

Learn why Jones bindings help you turn faster and carve harder. From Opening day at Mammoth Mountain, to exploring High Sierra hallways, the 2021/22 season started of with a bang! Hear about Victor's winning season, and why he loves the new full camber Aviator 2.0.

Did defendant Jones call his daughter an 'extortionist'?

"Not once did Defendant Jones or any of his agents ever deny that Plaintiff was Defendant Jones' daughter," the lawsuit says. "Instead, Defendant Jones chose the avenue of calling his own daughter an 'extortionist' merely to make his own public image less despicable by attempting to discredit Plaintiff's reputation and character in the public eye."

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