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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Jeffrey mean?

J effrey as a boys' name is pronounced JEF-ree. It is of Old German origin. Probably refers to "peace". Variant of Geoffrey. The three-syllable alternate spelling Jeffery (JEFF-er-ree) has been used since medieval times. Race-car driver Jeff Gordon. STARTS/ENDS WITH Je-, -ey. ASSOCIATED WITH peace, medieval. Variations

Is Jeffrey based on a true story?

Jeffrey (1995 film) Jeffrey. (1995 film) Jeffrey is a 1995 American gay romantic comedy film directed by Christopher Ashley. It is based on a play depicting the life and times of Richard Jeffrey by Paul Rudnick, who also wrote the screenplay. Starring Steven Weber as Jeffrey and Michael T. Weiss as Steve, the film features cameos by Olympia ...

What is more common Jeffrey or Geoffrey?

Jeffrey (name) Outside of North America, Geoffrey is more common than Jeffrey. Jeffrey and its variants are found as surnames, usually as a patronymic ending in -s (e.g., Jefferies, Jaffrays); The surname Jefferson is also a patronymic version of the given name. In Scotland, Jeffrey is most frequently found to be a surname.

How does Jeffrey decide to celibate?

Jeffrey (1995) Jeffrey, a young gay man in New York, decides that sex is too much and decides to become celibate. He immediately meets the man of his dreams and must decide whether or not love is worth ...

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